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Metal halide (MH) and high-pressure sodium (HPS) grow lights have been the trusted choice of indoor gardeners for decades, and for good reason. MH lights offer a broad spectrum of light that closely mimics natural sunlight, promoting lush vegetative growth and robust plant development. On the other hand, HPS lights are renowned for their ability to enhance flowering and fruiting stages with their strong red and orange spectrum, leading to abundant yields and high-quality harvests. 

Unlike LED lights, MH and HPS lights have a proven track record of reliability and effectiveness, with many growers achieving exceptional results using these tried-and-true technologies. With their durability, affordability, and consistent performance, MH and HPS lights remain the go-to option for growers seeking maximum yield and quality from their indoor gardens.


  • Stretches your growing season to 365 days a year
  • Super HPS provides 15% more energy for plant growth than normal HPS
  • Made with enhanced spectral energy distribution
  • Suitable for growing wider variety of plants


    • Initial Lumens - 90,000
    • Colour Temp - 2100K
    • CRI - 22
    • Glass Size - T46

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