EverGrow Hulk Series 3x2m Triple CMH 630W Hydroponic Grow Tent Full Bundle Kit

EverGrow Hulk Series 3x2m Triple CMH 630W Hydroponic Grow Tent Full Bundle Kit

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The EverGrow Hulk 300x200 cm grow tent kit is a full complete kit including a set of lighting kit and ventilation kit. The kit is feature packed with industry leading performing lighting designed with most efficient yield per cost to help growers maximising plantation growth.

What's In The Box

  • EverGrow™ Hulk 300x200 cm 600D Grow Tent
  • 3x Specstar CMH 630W Reflector Ballast
  • 6x 315W CMH Lamp (Choice of 3100K or 4200K)
  • 2x High Performance In-line 150mm Turbine Type Fan (412 CFM)
  • 2x 15 x 40 cm Carbon Filter
  • 2x 6" Non-Insulated Air Duct with Stainless Steel Clamps
  • 10x Pynch 1/8" Rope Ratchet with Metal Internal Gears

EverGrow™ Series Grow Tent

  • 600D Mylar Fabric
  • Strongest, Highly Reflective, Odourless and Washable 
  • High Light Proofing
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Steel Frames Capable of Hanging Heavy Equipment (25Kg)
  • Heavy Duty Corners Made in Polypropylene
  • Size 300 x 200 x 200 cm

Lighting Kit

  • Specstar 630W CMH - Ceramic Metal Halide Reflector Ballast
    • Energy efficient CMH 630W dual 315W lighting fixture to fully maximise yield per watt
    • Advanced low-frequency square wave technology
    • Extremely energy efficient and low heat operation
    • Combines reflector and ballast in 1 unit
    • Compact, space saving yet covers a larger area, perfect for smaller grow tents
    • Non-digital ballast, no EMI (electromagnetic interference) issues
    • Highly reflective reflector made with quality aluminium
    • Backed up by 2 year manufacturer warranty (Fixture)
    • See below for CMH benefits
    • Operating Voltage - 240V
    • Power - 630W
    • Main Cord Length - 3m
  • 315W Ceramic Metal Halide Lamp PGZ18
    • CMH lamps last on average twice as long as MH or HPS lamps.
    • Higher PAR value
    • Despite initial cost of investing in CMH lamps, a CMH system will save your money in the long run.
    • One 315W CMH is equivalent to 700W+ HPS system in terms of yield per watt.
    • Due to ceramic element, lamp burns much hotter than MH lamps thus producing a light closer to that of natural sunlight.
    • CMH lamps have better insulating value, they produce lower heat output, and less likelihood of causing leaf burning, and saves you on cooling cost.
    • CMH lamps can produce light spectrum sufficient to support both the vegetative stage of plant growth as well as its flowering stage.
    • CMH lamps also emit UV and infrared rays in their wide spectrum, which plants love. The higher amount of UV produces stronger, woodier stalks. 
    • Initial Lumens
      • 3100K - 63,000
      • 4200K - 60,000
    • CRI
      • 3100K - 90
      • 4200K - 95


      Ventilation Kit

      • High Performance 150mm In-line Fan
        • Quiet Operation
        • Durable Ceramic Coated Metal Housing
        • Superior Moulded Impeller
        • Thermally Protected AC Motor
        • Precision Crafted Bearings by NSK Japan
        • Mains Cord Length - 2.4m
        • Airflow - 412 CFM/700 CMH
        • Backed by 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
        • RPM - 2500
        • Power - 135W
        • Current - 1.2A 
      • Carbon Filter
        • Cone Shaped Base Funnel
        • High Efficiency, Low Density Virgin Carbon
        • 1050+ Australian Virgin Charcoal Bed
        • Machine Packed Carbon Enables 100% Filtered Airflow
        • Inner and Outer Mesh Provides 53% Open Area Allowing Increased Airflow
        • Includes Changeable Velcro Pre-filter
        • Switchable Filter Flange and Base for Longer Lifespan
        • Aluminium Top and Base for Reduced Weight
        • Size - 15 x 40 cm
        • Carbon Bed Depth - 25cm
        • Airflow - 680 CMH/400 CFM
        • Weight - 6.4kg


      • What are CMH lights?
        • CMH metal halide grow lights are the newest innovation in HID lighting.
        • CMH lights are made with an arc tube constructed of a ceramic composite instead of quartz or PCA, this allows the tube to reach higher temperature.
        • The higher operating temperature of the ceramic tube allows for an ideal mixture of gases, and this creates a fuller spectrum of light that increases the growth, overall heath and yield of your plants.
      • Where can I found out more about CMH lights?
      • Should I make the switch to CMH setup and what do I expect from switching?
        • Absolutely, if you are a seasoned grower there is nothing better than having a setup that uses less energy and produces better yields.
        • Having a CMH setup means you will be running more efficiently in terms of yield per watt. Your energy bill will come down dramatically and you will seeing the savings overtime.
        • Despite the initial cost, the CMH is newer and also is the latest generation in HID lighting. LEDs cannot produce light spectrums anywhere near HPS/MH lights, and HPS/MH lamps are more expensive to run, thus making CMH an ideal investment.