Specstar 630W CMH - Dual Bulb (2x315W) Ceramic Metal Halide Reflector Ballast PGZ18 Indoor Grow Light

Specstar 630W CMH - Dual Bulb (2x315W) Ceramic Metal Halide Reflector Ballast PGZ18 Indoor Grow Light

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  • Double the output with 2x315W CMH bulbs under 1 fixture
  • Dual bulb covering larger growing space
  • Compatible with all existing 315W CMH bulbs
  • 630W CMH output is equivalent to around 1400W+ HPS systems
  • Combines reflector and ballast in 1 unit
  • Compact, space saving yet covers a larger area, perfect for smaller grow tents
  • Non-digital ballast, no EMI (electromagnetic interference) issues
  • Highly reflective reflector made with quality aluminium
  • Backed up by 2 year manufacturer warranty (Fixture)
  • See below for CMH benefits

Bulbs not included


  • Power - 630W
  • Socket - 2x PGZ18
  • Cord Length - 3m

Advantages of CMH Lamps

  • CMH lamps last on average twice as long as MH or HPS lamps.
  • Higher PAR value
  • Despite initial cost of investing in CMH lamps, a CMH system will save your money in the long run.
  • One 315W CMH is equivalent to 700W+ HPS system in terms of yield per watt.
  • Due to ceramic element, lamp burns much hotter than MH lamps thus producing a light closer to that of natural sunlight.
  • CMH lamps have better insulating value, they produce lower heat output, and less likelihood of causing leaf burning, and saves you on cooling cost.
  • CMH lamps can produce light spectrum sufficient to support both the vegetative stage of plant growth as well as its flowering stage.
  • CMH lamps also emit UV and infrared rays in their wide spectrum, which plants love. The higher amount of UV produces stronger, woodier stalks. 


  • What are CMH lights?
    • CMH metal halide grow lights are the newest innovation in HID lighting.
    • CMH lights are made with an arc tube constructed of a ceramic composite instead of quartz or PCA, this allows the tube to reach higher temperature.
    • The higher operating temperature of the ceramic tube allows for an ideal mixture of gases, and this creates a fuller spectrum of light that increases the growth, overall heath and yield of your plants.
  • Where can I found out more about CMH lights?
  • Should I make the switch to CMH setup and what do I expect from switching?
    • Absolutely, if you are a seasoned grower there is nothing better than having a setup that uses less energy and produces better yields.
    • Having a CMH setup means you will be running more efficiently in terms of yield per watt. Your energy bill will come down dramatically and you will seeing the savings overtime.
    • Despite the initial cost, the CMH is newer and also is the latest generation in HID lighting. LEDs cannot produce light spectrums anywhere near HPS/MH lights, and HPS/MH lamps are more expensive to run, thus making CMH an ideal investment.

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