Space Warrior 2 Battle Bot Shooting Soft Bullet RC Remote

Space Warrior 2 Battle Bot Shooting Soft Bullet RC Remote

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Your two-wheeled robot is a menacing machine that brings real-life battles right into your living room! Roughly 10 inch tall with two wheels and a 360 Degree rotating head, your space soldier responds to the commands you issue through the easy-to-use 2.4GHz wireless remote handset. Move around, fire soft bullets and generally dominate your local environment!


  • Multi terrain space warrior robot takes directional and combat commands from you via a 2.4 Gigahertz handset
  • Take direct hits from an opponent and watch the armor plates on your warrior fly off in response
  • Space Warrior's Battle Brain shuts down in defeat after three direct hits from any adversary
  • Rotating head covers the 360 degree gamut to let you aim in any direction
  • Battle Function


  • Material: ABS
  • Colour: Black/Gray
  • Function: Forward/backward, 360° rotation, fire missile, infrared sighter, light and sound
  • Item size: 280 * 280 * 200mm
  • Item weight: 2200g

Extra foam beads are available as separate purchase in store.